Anonymizing services

The right to privacy and anonymity are important to us, so we offer mirrors of our services as Tor onion services. You can find information about how to use them here.


To connect to our homeserver, you can configure a client of your choice to connect through tor, or use a web client in the Tor browser. We host a copy of the Element fork Revolution, you can find the link below. Do note that the web client requires JS, and while I believe it is secure to use in the Tor browser, I cannot say for certain.

Website & Matrix | Chat


We've shut down the eepsite for now due to lack of interest, if anyone would like it back just send us an email.

Note: While our homeserver should be accessible via the onion, the Matrix spec currently mandates that clients should reconfigure themselves to send requests to whatever address is in the discovery information that's part of the login response. We're looking into this problem and hope to find an ideal solution soon, quick hacks are possible but a good solution likely involves writing an MSC.